Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cute Scottie Dog cookie jar

Just wanted to show a cute Scottie Dog cookie jar I got from BlueKittyMiniatures on Etsy. I wrote a while back asking if she ever made a Scottie dog and she said she might try. Well, she made one and he turned out so cute! He even comes with some cookies! I have asked her to make me a White Scottie jar next.


  1. Oh Bless he's really cute, have you given him a name?

  2. His name will be Sam , after a past fur baby I had. When I get the white one , she will be Rudee.

  3. Hi! Darling cookie jar!!

    I got the buckets here

    Hugs, Marsha

  4. Well hello There!! And welcome to blog land! :) I love your new cookie Jar, It really did turn out sooo cute!! And I like where your going with that cabinet of yours! Do share more:)

  5. that is so cute! Love the background on your blog too!