Saturday, August 22, 2009

Need ideas... Witch Shop

My daughter and I want to make a Witches Shop. Here is the room box we are going to use. I am going to get the blue wallpaper out and find something witchy. We need ides though. Both for the exterior and the interior. Should I put siding on the outside? Or some kind of stone finish?And for the door I was thinking about a dark orange or deep red that is distressed looking. So any ideas, pictures or web sites would greatly be appreciated to get our creative juices flowing! Thanks!


  1. Oh, that is going to look fab! I'd go with a stone exterior. I like the idea of a red door!! Can't wait to see it all done! Hugs, Marsha

  2. what a cool idea! I am planning some sort of Halloween scene myself, but I probably won't do a whole shop. But I will be checking back to see how this goes!!

    A stone look would be cool--but then, so would siding. I'd go with the stone if I knew how to do it. And lots of drapey moss!! A red door is perfect!

    Julie Old crow

  3. Marsha como opino, creo que es una idea genial, lo de la piedra y el color rojo de la puerta. Me parece que en mi blog de enlaces, tengo un tuto de como se hace la piedra.

  4. You can make stone out of paperclay and/or egg cartons. Marsha

  5. Ok, so it looks like I will start with a red door and the exterior will be stone. I was thinking of using real rocks, but that would get pretty heavy. So, what is paperclay and how do I use the egg cartons? :-)