Friday, August 28, 2009

Want this book!! Having a hard time finding it!!UPDATE_FOUND IT!!!

I am desperatly trying to find this book! I am not having much luck connecting with the author. Haven't come across on on e-bay either. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it! It is called Le Grand Livre De La Maison Miniature by Lea Frisoni.


  1. Hi!

    It can be found at netshop Amazon and at Frisoni's shop Dentelles et Ribambelles:

    It is an amazing book! I just love her work. Hope you will find it.


  2. Yes, I bought mine directly from Lea,(web address shown above) is a lovely book, shows you how to make lots of things, (not that I have yet!!) but!!.. it is written in FRENCH!!! but!!.. the diagrams are so well drawn that I think all of the 'Non French'..(that includes me!!) will perfectly understand!! I can highly recommend this book!!
    Regards, Linda

  3. Hi Jonna. I can not find you email address and wondered if you could email me. My email is
    It is about your parcel which arrived today.
    Nikki xxx


      Lisette van holland

  5. Hi Jonna, Yes I want that book too it looks fantastic, now I know where to find it. Thanks.