Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ok, I know I am sooo bad!!

I don't post very often. I just end up reading and looking at everyone elses blogs! Then I have so many ideas going through my head, but I can't stop reading because I am afraid I'll miss something! I am trying to talk my husband into letting me quit my job so I will have more time to actually do projects. He hasn't agreed yet LOL! Well, I can say someone has been busy! My neighbor and father of my daughters best friend had a surprise for me. After I finally got the book by Lea, he saw it and was really amazed by it. He asked if he could borrow it to look at and maybe translate some of it for me (he has had some French in the past and has French-Creole relatives) Anyway, I was at his house on Monday and he showed me what he was up to. He is making me the house from Lea's book!!!! He does wood working and when he saw the house it looked interesting to make. I couldn't believe it!! I am so excited!! I had him take a few pictures for me of it so far. He is moving right along on it. I better get busy on getting my supplies to start working on the exterior and interior trim.


  1. Wow, is dit huis zo mooi.
      Wat een leuke verrassing voor je.

      Dinsdag Ik postte de brief. Kijk op de brievenbus. ;-)

      Greet Lisette

  2. ...who's a lucky girl!! What a lovely friend you have to do this for you, look forward to seeing your progress.


  3. That's realy nice of your neighbour to do!! And it will be in good hands later on, if I see and read how enthousiastic you are. But take it one step at a time hihi, although that's a wasted advice on any minifan ;-))