Saturday, November 28, 2009

HELP!!! Need blog layout help

I want to change my background to a Christmas one and I can't remember how to do it!! I remember how to add the gadgets, but how do I change the background? I thought I should go to "Layout" but that didn't work. I read that I will loose the one I have so to download it to my harddrive. I did that. So does that mean can just copy that code later and add again to go back to the way I was? So can anyone help?


  1. Hallo Rudoo!

    Take a look for a new background of your choice and save the code (I usually do it in a word file). Then you save your old background code also in a word file, or it would get lost.
    Afterwards, change the code in the gadged "add HTML" in the menue "Layout".

    I hope that this is helpful for your problem!

    Greetings, Taenia

  2. If you get stuck after the above advice let me know and i will help you too.
    Nikki x