Sunday, November 29, 2009

I did it!! Changed background to Christmas!

Thanks to Taenia and Nikki! I was following Taenia's directions and about to give up, then somehow I did it!! I also added a Christmas playlist full of Christmas music. Now we will see if I can figure it out again after Christmas or we may have Christmas year long!! That may not be a bad thing though!


  1. Hallo Rudoo!

    Great, that my advice was helpful!
    Like your new background and the glitter- christmas tree :-)

    Hugs, Taenia

  2. Background looks great! Love the color of it! Love the Christmas day I wanna figure out how to put the playlist thingy on mine too.

  3. Thank you Taenia and Katie! And Katie I sent you an e-mail about the Playlist :-)

  4. Thanks for your birthday comment in my blog!
    I am a follower now! :)