Thursday, November 26, 2009

Question about distressing things, hummm....

I need some help on distressing items. I have never really done it and I LOVE that look!!! To me, it makes the items look more realistic!! I know some of you are pros! I have seen your work on your blogs. So, I am asking for help. If I want an item white with some dark showing through, do I paint a dark color, then white and then sand some off? How do you get items to look dirty?What about rusted?
Thanks and eveyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


  1. Hi start with the dark colour when its dry rub some wax randomly over the paint. Then paint on the white. When thats dry gently sand the waxed areas should come away easily and reveal the dark paint.
    Thats how I do it and then I seal with french polish.

  2. Here's a link to Deluxe Materials. They sell a Scenic Rust which makes things rusty in a few hours..
    As for distressing I agree with Sarah.

  3. Oh wish i could advise with this type of distressing advice, but i go the witchy way and have it all dark.
    I am sure there are lots of tutorilas out there that may help.
    But the ladies advice about the wax is a really good one and will have to give it a go myself.

    Nikki xx

  4. Hi Jonna,

    Looks like a lot of good advice has been given.
    I would go the dark colour as a base, then light colour over top and them lightly sand away in places, to make it look chippy and shabby.

    I hope that your weekend is going well.